Attract Robins, Finches and Singing Birds

bird feed photoA lot of people believe that wild birds will eat anything they find, but this is not true. If you wish to bring your garden alive with the presence of these wonderful creatures, then make sure you give them food they will enjoy, and return for. Bread scraps aren’t exactly the most palatable. But then what do you feed them? Here are a few great options:



bird feed photo Peanuts

Peanuts are the most popular food for attracting wild birds as a wide variety of  birds love them. Be sure to buy high quality peanuts such as our Peckish  Peanuts Bucket, because mouldy peanuts can cause birds to become ill, or  even die. When feeding during the spring and summer, ensure all peanuts  are fed from a mesh peanut feeder, as whole peanuts can be harmful to young  birds.


bird feed photo

Wild Bird Seed

Wild bird seed provides a great variety of nutrients to your garden birds. It is wise to pick a seed mix that contains sunflower seed, as it is a highly nutritious and popular food for birds, especially for tits and finches. It has a higher oil level and energy value than other seed, which is beneficial for the birds coming into the colder months. Many wild bird seeds are stuffed with wheat or corn which most birds find difficult to digest, so be sure to buy a good brand with a variety of ingredients.

bird feed photo Fats

Birds both love, and need fat! It’s a nutritious food for garden birds. Lumps of  ‘Fat Balls’ prove highly popular! Make sure to stock up on our premium  quality Fat Balls when coming into the winter months, so your birds can keep  healthy and warm.

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