August in the Garden

If the weather is hot and dry this month then the main concern is to keep the garden watered. Don’t forget about fruit and berry trees. They will need a good soaking every week if they are to bear good fruit.

Jobs in the garden in August

  • Weekly watering and liquid feeding of hanging baskets window boxes and patio planters is most important this month.
  • Sow seeds for Winter Cabbage Lettuce and Purple Broccoli.
  • Watch for earwigs on Dahlias and Chrysanthemums and apply a dressing of any powder to the affected plants.
  • Continue to apply slug pellets or slug liquid to protect bedding plants and border flowers.
  • Plant autumn flowering Cyclamen, Violas and Pansies for late summer and autumn colour in pots and flower beds.
  • Deadhead your flowering plants regularly to keep them blooming

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