Autumn In Your Garden

“Add some colour to your pots and borders with cyclamen, winter pansies and lovely heather”Paraic Horkan

Autumn is upon us again and people are busy getting their garden ready for the approaching winter. This week Paraic dicusses some top tips for you to get your garden looking good and winter ready.

1) Take cuttings of your favourite plants now
Take cuttings from your favourite plants now. Dip them in Vitax Organic Rooting Powder and place them in a pot of compost to ready them for next year.

2) Kill your lawn moss
Use Zero Lawn Liquid Treatment to kill moss on you lawn quickly and effectively.

3) Green your lawn without forcing growth
Use Osmo Lawn Treatment to green up your lawn and get it ready for the winter.

4) Add colour to your pots and borders
Add some colour to your pots and borders with cyclamen, winter pansies and lovely heather. Hot peppers and autumn chrysanthemums also add to you garden display.

5) Apply a dressing of PAC to patios, tarmac and hard surface areas
Use PAC Patio Algae & Moss Cleaner to remove algae, moss, mould and lichen from a variety of surfaces.

6) Get a clean start in your greenhouse & polytunnel. Clean out all insect and pests using our Forte Fog P-Fumer. Simply light and place in your greenhouse.

7) Remove the old flowers from roses, dahlias, perennial flowers, chrysanthemums and rudbeckia.
Cutting back the flowers now will encourage new and healthy growth for the Autumn.

8) Sow green manure seeds now in empty soil patches
Green manure is a fast growing plant that will die off and fertilises the soil. It is very easy to grow and very nutritious for your soil.

9) Sow winter and spring vegetables plants and bulbs
Garlic, Spring Onions, Winter Lettuce, Spring Cabbage, Swiss Chard and Spinach can all be sown now.

10) Sow Sweetpea seeds indoors now on a bright window sill.
Early sowings will encourage larger blooms with fantastic scent for next summer.

Call into your local Horkans store if you have any questions and our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help.

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