Autumn Lawn Care

We are nearly at back to school time and for a lot of us that means that Summer is over and Autumn has arrived. While this means that a lot of our garden tasks are winding down, one area of our garden that can require a lot of attention is our lawns! Tasks like mowing and moss and weed control are important for our lawns right now and tasks such as patch repair and fertilising are important for next year’s lawn. So that’s two seasons of care that we need to take care of right now! Luckily Paraic Horkan is here to talk us through everything that we need to do to have a beautifully lush green lawn now and next year!


For those of us that have been mowing weekly, the first change that you should make with your lawn care is to raise your mower blades about 1cm higher so as to not cut too close to the ground. This allows for the slowing down of grass growth and will help your lawn to look fuller for longer into the season. This simple trick is probable the easiest way to keep a fuller lawn for longer!

Previously you would have been mowing at least once every week but we can slow this down a little now and mow maybe twice every three weeks, extending mowing periods longer as the grass growth slows.

mowing the lawn

Moss Control

The wet weather we have been having recently has left a lot of us with large patches of moss in our once beautifully green lawns. Fortunately there are treatments that we can apply now that will have an almost immediate effect, it works within hours! Zero Lawn Liquid is a great choice that will kill moss right down to the root, but will also strengthen grass. Here’s Paraic to explain just how easy Zero Lawn Liquid is to use:

Weed Control

Along with moss, many of us will have a problem with weeds sprinkled throughout our lawns. There a dozens of types of weeds that can seemingly spring up overnight and they can really take the pristine look off a lawn that you invested a lot of time in. Creeping buttercup, clover, plantain, thistles and dandelions are just some of the more common weeds which can prove a real problem to eliminate successfully. Fortunately there are simple treatments available, Dicophar is one of the easiest to use and yields great results. Paraic has created a small video to demonstrate just how easy Dicophar is to use.


If you noticed early this Spring that your lawn was slow to grow or lacked vitality than you should consider applying a lawn fertiliser now. Osmo Park and Fairway is a wonderful lawn fertiliser, it is the recommended fertiliser for parks and fairways. This will help your lawn to develop strong roots and should result in a much better lawn next year.

Fix Patches

Many of us have had children use the lawn as football fields over the summer, or have a line set up with a well beaten track underneath. By tackling these areas now it is easy to have a full lawn by the time next season starts. To aerate the soil simply drive a fork 6in into the soil sporadically over any compacted patches. This allows air to reach grass roots which will encourage growth. Over any badly bare patches you will want to add some fresh seed. Fortunately there are now packs of grass seed available to buy which have been designed especially for fixing patches. Many of these packs are even resistant to dog urine, which as any pet owner will know is very important!
aerating soil

Sow a New Lawn

September is a great time to sow a new lawn from seed. For a full guide on how to sow a new lawn from scratch you can read Paraic’s Guide here:

General Maintenance:

While moss will have crept into many of our lawns these past few wet weeks, it will also have crept up onto our hard surface areas like patios, drives, pavement and tarmac. Now is the time to treat moss and algae growing on hard surfaces and the treatment we always recommend is PAC Patio Algae & Moss Cleaner.  Paraic has made a small video to demonstrate just how easy it is to clear you patio of algae and moss!

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