Autumn: Nature’s Time to Plant Hedging

Autumn: Nature’s Time to Plant Hedging

Milder temperatures and moist soil makes for the ideal conditions for planting new hedging plants in your garden. Screening, shelter and privacy can all be achieved by planting suitable selection of plants to create a living hedge.
Autumn remains of the very best seasons to consider planting a new hedge for shelter, privacy and security around your home.

The main thing to remember is soil preparation is important before planting. Paraic Horkan
Soil conditions are ideal for planting new plants and a hedge planted now will establish it self quickly and develop a strong root base over the winter period.

The first step is to remove all existing weed or lawn growth along the planting area. Use an application of Weedfree 360 which will kill the existing weed growth without contaminating your soil.

Hardy Laurel

Hardy Laurel

Once the weeds have died back dig individual holes for each plant and incorporate some organic chicken manure pellets into the planting hole before planting your new plants. Space your hedging plants approx 2 feet apart to form a strong dense hedge, once planted the hedge will need regular feeding each spring with a dressing of Osmo Pro 6 fertiliser.

  1. Here are some of the very best plants to consider when planting
    Hardy Laurel – Hardy laurel variety which is ideal as an evergreen fast growing hedge, Deep green glossy foliage, white flowers and a dense full growth habit. This variety is ideal for a hedge from 2 to 3 meters
  2. Hardy Portuguese laurel – Small deep green glossy foliage and red stems, tight growing hedge with dense compact shape. Easy to grow and maintain – suitable for small to medium hedges from 1 to 2 meters high.
  3. Buxus Sempervirens – Small evergreen foliage, dark green with a compact tight shape, slow growing and very easy to cut and maintain. Ideal for the smaller garden or low compact hedge. Ideal for hedges 0.5 to 1 meter
    Buxus Sempervirens

    Buxus Sempervirens

  4. Golden Privet – golden jenny forms a dense full easy to grow hedge, bright yellow foliage and white flowers makes this a hardy hedge, easy to grow and trim. Ideal for hedges from 1 meter to 3 meters. Adds colour to the garden.
  5. Hardy Green Privet – Dense green foliage – hardy variety with strong growth. Easy to trim solid wall of foliage. Ideal for hedges from 1 meter to 3 meters.
  6. Hardy Sea side Hedge – Bright silver foliage, white underneath with grey blue tinged foliage all season long. Hardy good in exposed conditions and seaside locations, easy to trim and forms a dense full habit. Ideal for hedges 1.2meters to 3 meters.
  7. Thuja Brambant – cone shaped conifer – Evergreen rich colour – beautiful formal shape that needs no cutting, easy to maintain hedge or screen. Ideal for hedges from 2 meters to 4 meters. Beautiful formal shape

Remember to add Horkans planting compost to the hole when planting and feed your plants with a dressing of Osmo pro 6 fertiliser when planted.

For more information on our full range of mature hedging plants for instant screening and privacy call Tom now on 091 – 739058 or drop Tom an email at tom@horkans.ieTom Stewart

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