Controlling Slugs & Snails in the Garden

snails photoSummer bedding, vegetables and herbs are all vulnerable to foliage and stem damage from slugs and snails. All young foliage is susceptible to attack from slugs and snails, but in particular hostas, rodgersia, delphiniums and lupins are a firm favourite and can be badly damaged in a matter of hours. Help is at hand using a super natural product that carries the organic symbol and is approved when growing plants organically. This new product is aptly named Slug Death XL.

Slug Death XL is the latest development in anti-slug treatments. It is pelleted bait containing a naturally occurring active ingredient (ferric phosphate).It can be used on both edible and ornamental plants and best-of-all, it can be used in rainy conditions. When used as directed the pellets do not pose a risk to children or pets, birds and other wildlife

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