Snow and icy wildbird

Don’t Forget Your Garden Birds – Snow & Icy Conditions Forecast

We now have an orange weather warning in place for very cold, wintry weather from this evening onwards until Friday night.Paraic Horkan

When the weather turns colder our garden birds need to eat as much high energy food as possible to try to keep them warm. Winter and spring are usually critical periods for Irish garden birds and we can help by providing nutrient rich, high protein and fat containing wild bird food during this high risk period.

Paraic selects the Petface Black Sunflower Seed as it is packed with high protein and is an attractive to a wide range of garden song birds, including goldfinches. Paraic also recommends the high protein Chirpy wild bird mixes. Simply fill up some wild bird feeders and place in different areas in your garden to help ensure as many birds survive this latest cold spell.

Also don’t forget the ground feeding birds such as robins and blackbirds. They cannot land or cling to birdfeeders so they will need to take the scraps from the ground. Stamp down on snow and place a cut up apple for these birds to feed.

Finally don’t forget fresh drinking water. This can be very hard to find when we have freezing weather conditions so if you have a bird bath, remember to break up any surface ice as water is critical for wild bird survival.

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