Grow your own Vegetables

Nothing beats home grown vegetables. Here are some of our favourites.

sprouts photoBrussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts are a tasty vegetable at any time of year.
They are easy to grow with plenty of picking right through the late summer and winter season. Plant young plants in summer.
Approximately 12 plants will give you lots of pickings over the autumn period.


leeks photo Leeks

Leeks are easy to grow – a wonderful autumn and winter vegetable.
Perfect in stews,  soups or as an additional choice. Plant Leeks now in well prepared soil. Add some organic compost to the planting hole.



cabbage photo Summer Cabbage – F1 Hispi

One of the best varieties of summer cabbage.
Firm cone shaped heads which are fast to mature
Excellent variety for planting in spring.
Plant 12 pots every two weeks for regular cutting right throughout the summer.


broccoli photo


Calabrese MarathonF1 – is one of the best green Broccoli on the market.
 Produces green heads of delicious Broccoli all summer long.
 Pick out the large centre head before opening and regularly pick the green  sprouting shoots all summer.
 Plant 12 plants today for plenty of pickings all summer.


tomato photo Tomatoes

For Tomatoes in pots plant a compact variety.
 Super sweet Tomatoes produced in abundance.
Top class variety.
Ideal for growing in a patio or conservatory.



Our vegetable plants are F1 Varieties grown for high performance and taste. Plant a selection every two weeks throughout the spring and early summer to provide you with a selection of homegrown veggies all summer long!

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