BBQ with Horkans

Horkans Barbecue Cooking Times

Barry is the Head Chef in the Bay Leaf Restaurant in Horkans Garden & Lifestyle Centre, Turlough. He has given his expert advice on the cooking times for perfectly cooked meat on the barbecue.

All of these timings are for food cooked over a medium-hot charcoal barbecue, directly on the rack.


As a general rule allow 10 minutes per 1 inch thickness of fish.  It’s a good idea to wrap the fish in kitchen foil and then place it on the barbeque.

75-100kg fish fillets                     2-3 minutes each side
200-225kg fish steaks                 4-5 minutes each side
275-350kg whole fish                  6-7 minutes each side
Large raw prawns                       2-3 minutes each side

barbecue fish photoPork

It is important that pork is well cooked but it is very easy to dry it out.  These timings should give you well done pork that is still juicy.

1” Thick Loin Chops cook for 8-10 minutes each side
1lb Pork Fillets will need 25 minutes turning regularly
Cook Pork Kebabs 12-15 minutes turning regularly


Cook for 8-10 minutes turning occasionally


All chickens must be well cooked but not dried out.  As a general rule, white breast meat will take less time to cook them the darker meat.

175g boneless chicken breast cook each side for 7-8 minutes

275-300g breast on the bone cook for 25 minutes turning regularly

225g drumsticks and thighs and wings, turn regularly and BBQ for 15-20 minutes

Chicken kebabs cook for 10 minutes, turn regularly

barbecue steak photoBeef

With steaks it is best to sear them first on a pan to seal in all the juices and then continue to cook them to your liking on the BBQ.

Beef kebabs cook for 5-10 minutes turning regularly.  Burgers cook for 6-7 minutes turning regularly.

1″ – 1½” thick sirloin steaks –
Rare 3-4 minutes
Medium 5-6 minutes
Well Done 7 minutes

1½” – 2″ thick fillet steak –
Rare 4-5 minutes
Medium 7-8 minutes
Well Done 8-9 minutes

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