Paraic Horkan on Radio 1 – 15/10/15

This week on the Today with Sean O’Rourke Show gardening expert Paraic Horkans talks to Sean O’Rourke about what to do this time of year in the garden. There are still a lot of colourful blooms in the garden for this time of year. This is because the weather has been milder than usual for the last few weeks and the good news is that it set to continue for the weekend.

rose photo

The trees are still in their vibrant autumnal colours and many rose bushes are still in bloom. Many roses are still producing buds and are beginning to re-flower.

To keep your roses producing their beautiful blooms into the winter, Paraic recommends deadheading old rose head and giving the plant a good liquid feed to boost the growth. He suggest holding off on pruning these bushes back for a few weeks until November.

For great colour now, Paraic suggests planting fuschia million bells which is an autumn  flowering fuschia and it will flower until Christmas. Another good plant at the moment is  the Chilean Lantern tree. It usually flowers in April but because of the mild weather they  have come into flower now.

This is also an excellent time to pick fruit. You may have more fruit, like apples, than you  can use at the moment but can store them over the winter.

Paraic’s tip is to use the blemished apples now but clean and dry the perfect fruit before wrapping in newspaper and storing in a cool garage. It is important to check them regularly to make sure they are still fresh.

bees photoParaic talks about supporting Irish bee keepers by using Irish honey. It is produced from Irish flowers and Irish bees.

With the milder weather, moss is still problem in the garden. The continued good weather makes this the perfect time to treat moss in your lawn and on your driveways. Paraic recommends using Osmo Autumn Treatment.

It will green the lawn and also kill the moss. If you would like to remove moss from a driveway, patio or tarmac he suggests an application of PAC Patio Algae Cleaner.

Paraic also shared his top trees:

  • The Liquidambar has eye-catching copper foliage in autumn and gorgeous green in summer.
  •  The Malus family, in particular Malus Gorgeous, which has little apples which are great for apple jelly. It bears tiny fruits which birds don’t like to eat. It is a smaller tree and grows to about 12-15ft in height and has a spread of 8-10ft if left un-pruned. It is a good plant as a neighbour of an apple tree to pollinate the apple tree as the bees will pollinate both trees.
  •  Acer autumn blaze holds its foliage until November or December time. Paraic recommends planting out your acer from its pot or container after the foliage has fallen in November. This is a good time to plant trees it gives your tree time to set out roots over winter.
  • Hedges should be planted out this time of year. If you are looking for extra security, hedges with thorns, like the Fire Thorn, are a good idea.
  • This is also a good time to plant creepers such as the Boston ivy and Virginia Creeper.

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