Horkans on TV3 – Preparing For Summer Bloom – 01/03/2016

Now is a best time to start preparing for your summer flowers. Start sowing your seeds now to have the benefit of the good weather, especially if we get a good spell in late spring or early summer.

It is the perfect time to start sowing your Sweet Pea plants which will bloom from June right up until the following October giving beautiful colour to your garden for the entire summer.


pansies photo Pansies are an old time gardeners favourite, splendid for providing  beautiful coloured flowers and very easy to grow. The best time to sow  pansies is from  January to March and the earlier that they are sown,  the  better chance they have to  withstand the cold.

Plant your seeds indoors on a windowsill and germination will usually  within a couple weeks. Transplant outdoors after a few weeks when all  threat of frost has passed and it will take around 15 weeks to reach full  bloom from seed.


primrose photoPrimula and Primroses are a very colourful variety of flower that are easy to grow and now is a perfect time to start sowing for early spring blooms. Primulas prefer a cooler area so may suit a patio for the seedlings to germinate.
They are very tolerant of being transplanted, even when in bloom, so you will have no problem moving them outdoors.


Begonias are a great choice for containers, hanging baskets and garden bedding that provide full bloom right up until late autumn. They prefer a warmer area like a sunny window sill to germinate and once fully established, after all frost has passed, you can transplant them outdoors.
They are very easy to care for and come in a large number of different colour varieties to suit any garden style. The Begonia also makes a great plant to grow indoors as well. Locate them in a direct sunlight area with a good level of humidity and they will thrive providing colour and fragrance around your home all summer long.


azalea photo Azaleas are very easy to grow and will thrive in any kind of garden. They  are a  popular  flowering bush type plant with pinkish and purple flowers.
Belonging to the plant family, Rhododendron, Azaleas are usually smaller  leafed,  more  compact and can be evergreen or deciduous.
Whatever the choice of flowers you decide to grow, plant your seeds in a  propagator and place on a window sill indoors at a bright sunny location.  The  propagator will have a clear plastic covering which will keep the  compost moist which is essential for successful germination and to give  them their best possible start.


Paraic recommends using a very good quality seeding mixture like Gro-Sure Seeding Compost or Gro-Sure Perlite which improves the drainage and soil texture giving your seedlings the best possible chance.


There is a also great device called the ‘Super Seeder’ which only dispenses one seed at a time when you are sowing your seeds. It distributes the seeds accurately, quick and easy.
Simply stick the head into the soil or compost to create a plunge hole and press the lever to drop the seed into the hole. Space your seeds to around 3 inches apart and apply a thin layer of compost on top. Add a sprinkle of water and your good to go!
It can be also be used for sowing your seeds outdoors directly into the soil.

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