How to Prevent And Remove Dandelions From Your Garden

dandelion photoIf you’re tired of dandelions competing with your grass for space, we have some easy solutions you can try out.

Preventing Dandelions

The most effective cure is prevention! Follow a yearly-schedule of      lawn maintenance and you’ll be more likely to avoid most of the common lawn weeds, including dandelions, clover, daisies and buttercups.


Removing Dandelions

  • Feeding and aerating your grass will make it more vigorous and so make it more difficult for the weeds to compete.
  • Remove dandelions with a handfork. Autumn is the best time to dig out weeds.
  • Avoid close mowing which can weaken the grass, allowing weeds to take over.
  • If you need a chemical solution, one application of Renovator applied to the entire lawn area will kill all broad-leaved weeds including daisies, dandelions, docks, plantain and buttercups. It also kills lawn moss and lichens. If the lawn is heavily infested, a second application may be needed.


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