How To Store Pumpkin Seed For Planting

How to Store Pumpkin Seed for Planting

Saving pumpkin seeds is easy, fun and a great way to raise new plants next spring from pumpkins you have enjoyed also ensures that you can enjoy them again next year.Paraic Horkan

Perhaps this year you found the perfect pumpkin to make a jack-o-lantern or perhaps you grew an unusual heirloom pumpkin this year and wish to try growing it again next year.

Saving Pumpkin Seeds from your shop bought Pumpkins:
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  1. Remove the pulp and seeds from inside the pumpkin. Place this in a colander.
  2. Place the colander under cold running water. As the water runs over the pulp, start picking out the seeds from the pulp. Rinse them in the running water. Do not let the pumpkin pulp sit in non-running water.
  3. There will be more seeds inside the pumpkin than you will ever be able to plant, so once you have a good amount of seeds rinsed, look over them and choose the biggest seeds.
  4. Plan on saving three times more pumpkin seeds than the number of plants you want to grow next year. Larger seeds will have a better chance of germinating.
  5. Place the rinsed seeds on a dry paper towel. Make sure they are spaced out; otherwise, the seeds will stick to one another.
  6. Place in a cool dry spot for one week.
  7. Once the seeds are dry, store pumpkin seed for planting in an envelope.

Simply Store your Seeds during winter – Plant in Spring

When saving pumpkin seeds, you need to store them so they will be ready to plant for next year. Any seeds, pumpkin or otherwise, will store best if you keep them somewhere cold and dry.

One of the best places to store pumpkin seed for planting next year is in your refrigerator. Put your pumpkin seed envelope in a plastic container. Place several holes in the lid of the container to ensure that condensation doesn’t build up on the inside. Place the container with the seeds inside at the very back of the fridge.

Next year, when it comes time for planting pumpkin seeds, your pumpkin seeds will be ready. 

Saving pumpkin seeds is a fun activity for the whole family, as even the smallest hand can help plant the seeds in your garden.Paraic Horkan

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