January in the Garden

January – Tips For Your Garden

What we sow we reap and January is the perfect month to start anew!

Here are Paraic’s tips for your Garden this January….

1. Indoors you have the perfect temperatures to germinate a wide range of flowering and edible plants. Sow a selection from this years Suttons ranges including Tomato’s, Aubergines, Chillies and hardy herbs. Simply sow into a Heated Propagator and place on a bright window sill. You can expect new plants within a couple of weeks.

2. Feed your garden song birds with some high protein Chirpy wild bird mixes. Simply fill some Wild bird feeders and place in different areas in your garden. Remember to use a variety of wild bird food mixes to attract the greatest diversity of song birds to your garden area. You can add a nesting box to your garden to help the birds find a safe place to nest.

3. Plant a touch of spring colour to your using Cyclamen ,winter-flowering pansy, viola, primula and polyanthus that will flower intermittently during mild spells during the winter. The following can also be used: Spring flowering heathers, large-flowered bedding daisies (Bellis perennis), wallflowers (Erysimium) and potted spring flowering bulbs.

4. During dry mild weather cut your lawn for the first time this year. Set the mower blades higher than normal and collect the clippings using a grass box. Control lawn moss by applying a dressing of Zero Moss Control to your entire lawn area. By treating lawn moss now you will prevent a major lawn moss problem this spring.

5. Chit or sprout first early potatoes from our Taylor collection of great tasting new potato varieties. Simply place the new potato tubers into a seed tray of compost and place into a bright frost free location. The shoots will appear in a couple of weeks.

6. Scent and colour are a welcome sight in any garden and what better garden flower than sweet peas to provide both. Sow Suttons sweet pea seeds now indoors on a bright warm window sill. Plant your young plants out of doors in early March. Remember scented sweet peas flower from June to early winter and make fantastic cut flowers for any home.

7. Pot up summer flowering bulbs for colour in your garden from May to early winter. Dahlias, Gladioli, Begonias and Lillies offer long lasting flower colour if potted and placed in a warm bright location indoors now. Plant the young plants out of doors in late spring.

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