Paraic Horkans Plant Of the Month - Calla Lily

July Plant of the Month – Zantedeschia (Calla Lily)

Zantedeschia are stunning flowering plants with striking foliage and flower for a long flower period. They are also known as the Calla lily.

The common variety is Zantedeschia Aethiopica which produces the large trumpet shaped and pure white flowers.It is commonly grown throughout Ireland.

It is easy to grow and grows well in all soil types. The Zantedeschia will flower from late May to early Winter.

These beautiful flowers are ideal for cutting for arrangements or they can be left to add a splash of colour in flower borders or shrub beds.

In the last few years, new varieties of Zantedeschia have been developed to offer some stunning flower colours and leaf shapes.

Paraic’s favourite Calla Lily is the Zantedeschia Captain Reno, which has rich red burgundy flowers. It has a flowering period from July to mid Winter and is also easy to grow.

The dark green foliage is speckled with white flecks and the trumpet shaped flowers offer a striking contrast to the white or yellow flowering varieties.

You can plant Zantedeschia now in your garden or in your patio pots and containers.

Paraic explains that they look best when planted in groups of the same variety for a more striking effect. This way you can enjoy the rich colours all summer long.

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