Plant of the month - Daisies

June Plant of the Month

Argryranthemum or Paris daisy is one of my all time favourite Summer flowering plants, the bright daisy like flowers cover this attractive plant from early summer right up until early winter.

Paris Daisies are available in a wide range of flower colours and are ideal for growing in Patio pots, oak barrels or directly out in the garden Soil.

Available in both a bush and standard stem form this attractive plant offers months of repeat colour for your garden.

Argryanthemums are Native to the Canary Islands and enjoy a bright sunny location on a patio or in a sun trap outside your home. They are perennial but I recommend you bring them indoors to a greenhouse, tunnel or conservatory in October before hard frosts occur and place them out of doors in early may each year.

Argryanthemums come in a wide range of colours including Rich red, cerise pink, light pink, yellow and white and make the perfect centre piece in a large pot or patio planter, they are also suitable for raised beds and border soil.

The standard stemmed Argyranthemum when used in a large planter, can also be under planted, with summer colour including scented pinks, trailing Petunias, summer flowering pansies, violas and marigolds for additional colour.

Now is the ideal time to plant your containers with Summer colour using Argyranthemum

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