May In Your Garden

Early summer is my favourite time in the garden as it is the planting season and time to add colour to your home and garden. One of the easiest ways to add long- lasting colour is with flowering baskets and patio planters.

Here are my simple steps to success – you will need the following ingredients

  • 16” moss hanging basket
  • Growise tub & basket compost
  • Westland slow release plant food
  • 12 mixed Hanging basket plants
  • A flowering geranium for the centre
  • Nasturtium little gem seed

Creating your very own summer flowering basket or large patio planter is very simple, Add the Growise tub & basket compost to the basket or patio tub and fill to within 2 inches of the rim of the container. Add some of the Westland slow release plant food and firm in well. In the centre place the flowering geranium to give height and colour. Then simply add in the trailing basket plants around the edge of the basket, pinch back the stems of the trailing plants to encourage a multi stemmed plant for lots of colour. Finally press in 6 Nasturtium little gem mix seeds  around the rim of the basket for added colour  in mid-summer.

Paraic’s Tip: Water and liquid feed your basket on a regular basis throughout the summer

Things you can do in your garden this month

  1. Continue to mow your lawn weekly and apply a dressing of Osmo Lawn Food to create a rich green, moss free lawn this summer. Osmo Lawn Food greens your lawn without forcing growth and encourages a strong moss free lawn by mid-summer.
  2. Plant your window boxes, patio planters and hanging baskets now with lots of summer colour.  Trailing basket plants are a perfect way to add colour and interest for your containers. They are easy to grow, flower all summer and provide a stunning show of colour all summer long.
  3. Plant your borders and shrub beds with summer bedding plants –

    French Marigolds, Border Petunias,  Dahlias, Antirrhinums and Begonias can be planted out in late May and June for a welcome splash of long-lasting colour all summer long. Remember to protect your bedding plants from slug and snail attack – I use Neurdoff organic pellets to give excellent protection from slug damage, simply apply to the soil around the base of your plants for excellent protection. ( follow instructions on pack)

  4. Sow Vegetable seed tapes including  all year round lettuce seed now out of doors in shallow drills. Vegetable seed tapes are an easy method to sow a wide variety of edibles and also reduce the need for thinning the small seedlings – Vegetable seed tapes sown now will reward you with lots of fresh pickings  in July and August. Greyhound Cabbage, White Lisbon Lettuce and early Nantes Carrots can also be sown from Suttons range this month.
  5. May is the ideal time to sow a new lawn or wild meadow area. Weather conditions and soil tempetures are just right for excellent germination and strong growth. Clear the ground of weed growth with a dressing of Weed free 360 weed treatment – it will kill existing weeds without contaminating your soil. Add some pre seeding Osmo park & fairway fertiliser to the soil and finally apply Green Velvet Lawn Seed for a quality hard wearing lawn this summer.
  6. Plant a selection of roses in well prepared garden soil for strong colour this summer. The top red flowering rose has to be Trumpeter. It produces masses of vivid red blooms in large bunches from June to early winter. Trumpeter has excellent disease resistance, produces lovely bronze foliage and flowers its head off all summer long. Plant Trumpeter in groups of five or seven to create a strong show of colour in your garden this summer.
  7. Summer flowering climbers including Clematis, Honeysuckles, Climbing Roses, Wisteria, Flowering Hydrangea and Sweet Peas can all be planted this month.

    All climbers enjoy well prepared garden soil – I recommend you add Horkans Own Compost to the planting hole with two handfuls of Osmo pro 6 fertiliser before planting. Summer flowering climbers planted now will put on strong growth and many varieties will flower this summer.

  8. Trees, shrubs and hedging plants are putting on strong growth during May. An application of Osmo pro 6 fertiliser now will help to promote strong growth and flowers in many garden plants. Simply sprinkle a handful of Osmo pro 6 fertiliser out from the base of the plants. The Osmo pro 6 fertiliser granules will be absorbed quickly and add a much needed boost to your garden plants.
  9. Check your fruiting gooseberries, blackcurrants and redcurrants for Greenfly attack; green fly can cause severe damage to many fruiting plants in May and now is the ideal time to apply a dressing of spray. I find that the PY Spray treatment kills unwanted garden pests without damaging the fruit or plants and is ideal for all fruiting plants
  10. Apple trees have flowered well this spring which will hopefully mean a strong crop of apples later in the summer. After all the flowers have set with fruit lets feed the trees with a handful of Osmo pro 6 fertiliser pellets and spray the trees with a dressing of PY Spray to help protect the young apples from greenfly or caterpillar attack.


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