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Paraic Horkan on East Coast FM – 4th July 2014 – Perennial Plants

This week on East Coast FM, gardening expert Paraic Horkan gives some invaluable advice on adding flowering perennial plants to your garden for some instant colour this time of year.

Paraic’s Top Tips for Success:

  1. Early July is the perfect time to plant perennials and cottage garden plants
  2. Perennials are ideal for filling in gaps in shrub borders and flower beds
  3. They are easy to grow & a great way to add summer colour
  4. Protect your plants against slugs and snails

lavender photoFlowering perennial plants give long lasting colour and can be planted right now. They produce fabulous flowers in a wide range of varieties, colours and sizes. They are in flower and be in bloom for the rest of the summer.

They are a great addition to any garden and will grow again every summer in your garden. Lavender is an excellent choice for the summer as it gives great colour and fragrance. Perennials are easy to grow and are ideal for filling in gaps in shrub borders and flower beds. Another option is to plant them in your garden beds and containers.
lavender photoThese are a great way to add colour and height to give a cottage garden effect. For containers place your tall plants in the centre, whereas for beds plant them at the back of the bed. Paraic suggests planting your perennials in groups of the same variety for bold effect.

July is also a great time to feed existing perennial flowers. This will give the plant energy and help them plant burst out the new blooms.

Paraic recommends Sudden Impact is an excellent feed for any plant. This great feed is suitable for roses and any plant which flowers in the summer months. For thriving plants you should re-apply the fertiliser after 5-6 weeks.

slug photoThis time of year slugs are very active and are particularly hungry at night. It is important to protect your plants as the slugs will destroy any soft fresh growth. The best treatment is to use a slug clear to remove the slugs from your plants.

You can use Slug Clear as a spray mixture in either a watering can or knapsack. This covers a large area and can also be used in places where the slugs hide during the day.

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