Paraic Horkan on TV3

Paraic Horkan on TV3 – 26/06/2014 – Roses

Paraic Horkan is the resident garden guru on the TV3’s Ireland:AM show. This week he explains the benefits of planting roses this time of year.

  1. Now is the perfect time to plants roses
  2. It is important to feed and protect your plants
  3. Remove old flowers weekly and feed with rose food each month


This is the perfect time of year to plant your roses. Roses are beautiful this time of year and will provide instant colour in your garden. They will brighten your flower boarders, patio containers and flower beds. Roses have a wide range of colours available so you are guaranteed to find a rose which will suit your garden.

Paraic also reminds us that there are scented varieties to add some beautiful fragrance to your garden. Roses provide long lasting colour and will be in flower until early autumn so they will give your plenty of colour for the rest of the summer.

It is important this time of year to water your rose plants. They will need plenty of water to burst out the blooms. This requires a lot of energy and for bigger brighter blooms, to help replace this energy roses need a good plant food at least once a month. Westland Rose Food is a great feed for roses. This special formula is enriched with horse manure to help your roses thrive


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