Paraic Horkan on TV3's Ireland:AM - Bloom in the Park

Paraic Horkan on TV3 – 30/05/2014 – Bloom

This week on TV3 Ireland:AM gardening expert Paraic Horkan shows us around the best of Bloom 2014. Bord Bia’s Bloom is currently taking place in the Phoenix Park Dublin over this June bank holiday weekend.

bloom4Paraic highlights his top 3 show gardens:

  • Crumlin Children’s Hospital in association with Kildare Growers
  • Barretstown and Glanbia: Sowing the Seeds of Magic
  • Tayto Garden – Potato to Packet

Bloom is a fantastic gardening, food and family event that has something for everyone. This year there are 30 superb show gardens and over 120 Irish food producers. While exploring the show gardens of Bloom 2014, Paraic explains that one of the most striking plant combinations featured in Bloom is the cottage garden range of plants. These include lavenders, lupins, catmint, hostas and geraniums. These are all ideal for adding long lasting summer colour in your garden so year after year you can have a touch of Bloom in your own flower borders.

bloom3The first show garden Paraic visited is Anthony Ryan’s Crumlin Children’s Hospital show garden, which is in association with Kildare Growers. This concept garden represents power and strength of coming together to support with the delicacy and fragility of life. It has been designed with people of all ages in mind. It aims to make a refuge for patients in Crumlin so that they can escape from the difficulties facing them. This beautiful garden has been designed with both children and adults in mind.

It has an exciting and exploratory nature which children will love, mixed with reflexive and relaxing elements to provide sanctuary for adults. This warm and endearing garden includes colour and texture in its planting framework with a tranquil water feature in the centre. Anthony and his team have provided a beautiful and quality landscape design which is a must see if you are visiting Bloom over the weekend.

bloom2Tim Austen’s Sowing the Seeds of Magic with Barretstown and Glanbia is a show garden which should not be missed. He has created a magical, fun and thought-provoking journey in this splendid show garden. This magical and mysterious garden seeks to engage with our senses using colour and texture. It has a number of subtle interactive activities which aim to help visitors understand the true meaning of the garden.

At the artwork wall everyone can create and share their art, the castle wall represents the safe feeling children have when staying in Barretstown and the window offers a metaphorical view of the garden. The amazing Barretstown red door in the centre of this show garden is memorable and adds some excitement to this enchanted garden. Tim is the current vice-president of the Irish Landscape Institute and Sowing the Seeds of Magic is a memorable show garden in Bloom.

bloomDavid Everard has designed the Tayto Garden – Potato to Packet which is a unique addition to Bloom 2014. It promised to be different than anything seen before in the Bloom festival and it definitely achieved this. On one side of this garden, there is an amazing 17ft topiary sculpture of Mr. Tayto which is an absolute must see for any Tayto fan. On the other side, there is a giant waterwheel which moves 85 feet of conveyor belts. These work their way through the garden to show the different stages involved in making Tayto crisps.

The process works from the initial lifting of potatoes from the ground to the washing, peeling, slicing and eventually cooking to make bags of crisps magically appear at the other end. All the planting in this brilliant garden will be themed around the ingredients for Tayto crisps. There are over 3000 plant, with 600 sunflowers to represent one of Taytos main ingredients. David has been heavily involved in design and construction of the Tayto theme park so the David Everard’s Tayto Garden – Potato to Packet is a fantastic show garden.

bloom1Another show garden which did not feature, but also worth a mention, is the Mrs Browns Boys D’Garden garden. Here Orla and Paul Woods have paid tribute to the one and only Mrs Brown. This quirky garden is an absolute must see for any fan of the show. You can go into Mrs Brown’s kitchen and through familiar back door into a beautiful garden area. This has the charm of a typical inner city garden with old scrap scattered around and the Brown clothes line on display. This marvellous garden is built to show the mechanics of the TV show so visitors can see what the set of the TV show is really like. Orla and Paul’s Mrs Browns Boys D’Garden creates a fun and entertaining garden which should not be missed.

Here at Horkans, Paraic has reviewed the best plants on show at Bloom and brought you back a collection of the best flowering plants. These will add instant and long lasting colour to your garden. This weekend drop in to one of our Horkans Garden Centres to view our extensive range from Bloom 2014. In store, watch out for our special bloom stickers to help you choose your Bloom collection.

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