Paraic Horkan on TV3

Paraic Horkan on TV3 – Getting The Most From Your Roses This Summer

Gardening expert Paraic Horkan joins Tv3’s IReland:AM and tells us how best to take care of roses from planting to pruning to pest control. To watch Paraic’s demonstration from Horkans’ Glen Of The Downs Store click here.

Now is the perfect time to start planting and taking care of roses. They come in a whole range of different colours, ranges, and styles, and there is a rose for every purpose!

Paraic’s Top Tips for Keeping Roses

Tip 1: Prune roses in early Spring.
There should be 6-8 inches of new growth on roses that were pruned back in early Spring.

Tip 2: Feed your roses after pruning.
Paraic recommends Westland Rose Feed which is enriched with horse manure.

Roses are hungry feeders which produce lots of new growth after pruning, so it is important to feed them on a regular basis. In the Glen store they feed roses once a month.

Tip 3: Protect your roses from bugs and diseases.
Paraic recommends Rose Rescue as one of the best treatments to keep blackspot, aphids and mildew off your roses. Simply apply directly to young foliage every two – three weeks.

red rose photoPlanting a Patio Rose

Patio roses are simply beautiful. They are short in stature and flower from mid June up until early Winter. The variety Paraic uses in called Patio Red, which is a really easy rose to grow and is perfect for containers. The rose Paraic is planting has 6 – 8 inches of new growth since it was pruned, and it will come into flower in a few weeks.

1. To an Elho pot add Growise Multipurpose compost.
2. Add a generous handful of slow release fertiliser to the compost.
3. Add water retentive gel to the compost.
4. Mix everything well and create a well in the centre of the compost.
5. Take the rose from its container and place it into the centre of the compost.
6. Firm the compost around the root of the plant.
7. Make sure to water well around the base of the plant.
8. Add with a liquid feed every two weeks.

To add some extra colour around the base of the plant Paraic adds a trailing plant, diascia, which will flower from June right through the whole summer. This will cascade out right over the edge of the pot and brilliantly compliment the flowering roses.

Now is the perfect time to plant and take care of roses in your garden, so let’s get out there!

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