Paraic Horkan on TV3's Ireland:AM - Late Summer Colour

Paraic Horkan on TV3 – Late Summer Colour

Gardening Guru Paraic Horkan joins TV3’s Ireland:AM to talk about what to plant in your garden right now for some late summer colour.

You can watch the video of Paraic in action by simply clicking  here.

These plants are ideal if you want to add some colour to your garden for late summer and early autumn or for people that are just getting into gardeningParaic Horkan
This summer has been ideal for planting garden shrubs and today Paraic wants to share some plants that are very easy to grow. These plants are ideal if you want to add some colour to your garden for late summer and early autumn or for people that are just getting into gardening

The selection Paraic has chosen to share with you today starts with late summer dahlias. The dahlias that Paraic has chosen are a collection that are dwarf in habit (they stay short in height) and produce lovely large double flowers in yellow, pink, and red. Planting them now in containers, or directly into the garden, will ensure they flower from right now until early November.

Hookeras are another one of my favourite plants…the foliage is absolutely amazing!Paraic Horkan
Hookeras are another one of Paraic’s favourite plants. These are grown for their foliage colour but they do produce flowers during the summer as well. The foliage colour is absolutely amazing and the variety Paraic has chosen is called September Morn, and one look at the beautiful autumn colours in the foliage and you can see why.

Roses can also be planted at this time of year for some late summer colour. Paraic has selected a variety called Flower Carpet Roses and they are ideal for cascading over the ground, banks and slopes. They will continue to flower right through until mid November and are an excellent choice to plant at this time of year.

Beautiful Arum Lilies come in a whole range of different colours, and the Paraic has chosen a collection of dwarf varieties. These are short, compact varieties which are perfect for planting out in your garden right now. The particular variety Paraic has today is called Jewel of the Night and this has a wonderful dark purple colour that provides a wonderful contrast with yellow or white flowers in your garden. Another great variety is called Nero, this is an amazing flower with a beautiful burgundy wine colour. Lilies are very simple to grow and they flower at this time of year every year.

Late summer is also the perfect time for hydrangeas, and hydrangeas come in a whole selection of colours. A very simple plant to grow, they will grow in any garden soil, perfect in seaside locations, also brilliant for people just getting into gardening. This white variety is called Snowball, beautiful large dinner plate sized flowers right through the summer and autumn period.These are some of the lace cap hydrangeas which have a flatter head, different to the mop heads, again a beautiful flower just coming into bloom at this time of year.

My favourite is the red hydrangea called Red Baron. It’s just showing a little colour at the moment and again it’s going to flower from right now up until late winter.

Mid summer is the perfect time to start planting and today Paraic is going to show how to plant the Arum Lily. A location in semi shade, where the soil is slightly moist is perfect. Into the soil it’s important to add some compost and fertiliser. The compost Paraic is using is Growise Multipurpose. It’s ideal for adding some nutrition and helps to hold the moisture in the planting hole as well. Two handfuls should help the plant take root.

Along with the compost we will need to add a handful of fertiliser. Paraic is using OSMO Pro 6, this is a perfect fertiliser for all shrubs you’re planting at this time of year. Simply mix the fertiliser and compost into the soil.

Now, simply take the plant out of its pot. Paraic is demonstrating with a lovely and easy to grow variety called Jewel of the Night. It will flower right through the summer period, and as it is a perennial it will flower next year too. Make sure its down at the level of the soil and then firm in the soil and compost around the base. A really good firming in is important.

Arum Lilies will do very well under shade. They’re one of those plants that will tolerate shade in the garden. They give a long period of flower. They stay short in habit, lovely variegated foliage, fantastic flowers, a real gem in any garden.

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