Tv3's Ireland:AM's Garden Makeover Competition Paraic Horkan

Paraic Horkan on TV3’s Ireland:AM Garden Makeover

Last month TV3’s Ireland:AM asked you to send in photos of your garden as part of a makeover competition. After a lot of deliberation Nancy and Maria’s garden in Finglas was chosen for the makeover. Maria wanted to turn their grey garden into an outdoor oasis for her mother Nancy to sit out in, somewhere to relax and enjoy some beautiful, fragrant flowers.

Maria and Nancy wanted a low maintenance garden but one filled with colour! Horkans’ very own Paraic Horkan and Steve Ryan from Colourfence Ireland were there to work their magic, and give Nancy and Mary the garden they dreamed of!

While Steve covered the grey walls with a bright, yet low maintenance, fencing and installed a low maintenance deck, it was up to Paraic to add some instant colour to the garden. Paraic decided to use mainly old cottage garden plants such as lupins,scented dianthus, carnations and arum lilies.

These would add some instant colour to the garden immediately and last all the way up to late Summer and even into Winter.

As a feature plant for the patio Paraic decided to plant a rose plant in a large container. The rose Paraic used was a summer flowering rose called fascination. This is a wonderful variety which will produce lots of beautiful pink flowers. A bush/shrub type rose that grows to about 1 meter tall, it has a small spread which makes it perfect for a container.

To prepare for planting Paraic mixed some fertiliser into a large container, this will give the plant a nice boost during the summer months. Fill the container about two thirds full and make a well in the centre of the compost. Place in the rose bush, making sure to firm the compost around the base of the plant’s roots. Next we are going to add some colourful summer bedding, so that we have two areas of interest from the one container. For this Paraic has chosen some wonderful summer flowering begonias. These are an easy to grow plant which will be in flower from now until mid winter. Paraic used between 6 and 8 plants leaving some space between each plant.
In the remaining spaces Paraic planted a simply beautiful plant called Lobelia. This is a cascading trailing plant which will flow over the edge of the container adding a wonderful full flowing effect.

When Paraic and Steve were finished Maria and Nancy were thrilled with their new garden!

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