Paraics Plant Of The Month: August 2017

“Deep Purple Dance is a beautiful late summer and autumn flowering shrub suitable for all gardens and soil types”Paraic Horkan

Paraic’s plant of the month for August is the prize winning Deep Purple Dance Hydrangea. This beautiful plant makes a big impression with beautiful late summer and autumn blooms. It is a hardy flowering shrub that is suitable for most soil types making it a favourite for Irish gardens. It flowers from late July right up until mid winter offering a fantastic show of brilliant deep purple mophead flowers. This flowering Hydrangea is probably one of the darkest purple varieties and contrasts very nicely with pure white hydrangeas including Phantom, Bobo and Snowballs.

The flowers show a deep purple colour for a long period of time making the Deep Purple® an eye catching addition to your floral collection. It has won many gardening awards as best flowering plant in class as well as a gold medal at Plantarium. Truly a winner for your garden this Autumn.

A special selection of Hydrangeas with a very long flowering period is known as the “Music Collection®”. Each flower has its own individual rich colour which come together to create a beautiful display for your garden or terrace.

Paraic has chosen Hydrangeas for a variety of reasons inlcuding:

  • Fantastic rich purple flower to contrast with whites and yellows in your garden
  • They have a very long flowering period
  • They are brilliant in pots or in flower borders – ideal for all gardens.
  • Full and rich flowering with long lasting blooms
  • Strong branches
  • Bloom on one-year wood.
  • Deep purple dance flowers as a young plant and reliably flowers each year.
  • They are a very disease resistant plant with low maintenance needed.

Paraic highly recommends the Deep Purple Dance for your garden this autumn. It is low maintenance, hardy and suitable for nearly all Irish gardens. It will grow well in semi shade and direct sun with medium levels of water. They will still need watering in dry weather, but rarely overall. During the summer it has large rounded balls of long lasting very deep dark purple flowers held on strong stems above the leaves. Visit your local Horkans Garden Centre and ask the staff for advice on which one is best suited to your own garden.

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