Paraics Plant of the Month: July 2017

Hydrangea Paniculata White is ideal in large pots or perfect to add colour to existing shrub borders”Paraic

July is a wonderful time in your garden. With the warmer weather comes a flurry of life and real vitality in your garden. Summer flowering plants will add bursts of colour and give your garden a real summer look and feel. Paraics plant of the month for July is the beautiful Hydrangea.

Hydrangea Paniculata pink
With a full body of beautifully two toned flowers and brilliant colour from mid-summer to early winter. The Pink Hydrangea adds vibrant colour to large pots, shrub borders or large flower beds. Pinky winkie is a lovely variety with flowers that change colour during the flowering season from white to rich red.

Hydrangea Paniculata White

This lovely variety is an easy to grow summer flowering shrub with very large cone shaped flowers from July to early winter. Hydrangea paniculata White is ideal in large pots or perfect to add colour to existing shrub borders.
Plant now in groups of three or five for a large stunning show of colour.

As well as the lovely Hydrangeas which are available at every Horkans Garden Centre, there are a variety of other plants available that will add some vibrant colour to your garden.
With large trumpet shaped flowers, Hibiscus is a popular summer flowering border shrub. It is available in a range of different colours all of which produce exquisite trumpet shaped blooms from mid-summer to early autumn. Hibiscus is ideal in large pots or it can be planted in a sunny shrub border.

Arum Lilies – Pot of Lilies
With masses of long stemmed flowers in many different colours, Arum lilies are a must have for your summer garden. Arum lilies are available in shades of yellow, pink, deep purple, bright yellow and white. Perfect for patio tubs, raised beds and flower borders.
Plant of the same colour in groups of three or five will provide a lovely display.Arum Lilies can also be grown as a cut flower.

Argyranthemums – Paris Daisy
Masses of bright daisy like flowers cover this beautiful patio border plant. Now available in many different colours agranthemums are super for colour in planted containers, large patio pots, flower borders and beds.
Flowering from July to early winter this is a fantastic plant for instant summer colour

Double Flowering Zinnias
Zinnias produce a blast of summer sunshine with their vibrant summer blooms. Large double flowers cover this plant from mid-summer to early winter. Zinnias are perfect for colour in patio pots, shrub beds and as a strong bedding plant for flower borders and beds The double blooms are full, large and perfect for a stunning display of colour.

Scented Lavender – Colour – Scent – blossom.
Plant scented lavender is great for its beautiful aroma and and steely blue flowers. It is best used in patio pots placed close to a patio or window for some fantastic colour and scent. Lavender is easy to grow and very free flowering. Both French and English varieties are suitable for summer colour in pots and borders.

Osteospernums – African Daisy
Brilliant in patio pots or planted into a sunny border – osteospernums offer fantastic colour all summer long. This compact plant is smothered in daisy like flowers right up until early winter. Place in a bright location and enjoy a summer filled with stunning colour. Happy in pots or directly our into the border soil. Now available in different colours.

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