how to grow a perfect lawn with Horkans

Paraic’s Tips for a Rich Green Lawn this Summer

e837b50f28f0043ecd0b470de7444e90fe76e6d010b2144290f0c5_640_moss2For a rich green lawn this summer action needs to start now.  The weather conditions are ideal for sowing a new lawn or re-patching bare patches in your existing lawn.

Soil preparation is important to ensure rapid germination of the new lawn seed. This also helps encourage a strong well knitted growth by mid summer.

It is important to get rid of existing wild grass and weed growth before sowing fresh lawn seed.

Try to remove as much stone and garden debris from the soil before sowing the lawn seed.

ee3db90a2cf71c3e81584d04ee44408be273e4d61db1114797f9_640_grass-seedEnsure the existing soil is free from old grass and weeds by spraying the existing weeds with Weed Killer.  Once sprayed onto the existing foliage, Weedfree 360 will kill both annual and perennial weeds.  It becomes inactive once it touches the soil so it does not contaminate the soil.

Leave the treated area for approx ten days – until the existing weeds or grass have turned yellow.  Dig or rotavate the soil to a depth of 9 inches.  Remove debris from the soil.

Rake and level the soil to create a firm seed bed, free from stone or debris. Horkans own compost and sand can be added to the soil to improve the texture and quality.  Ensure the soil is firm under foot before adding pre-seeding lawn fertiliser and lawn seed.

e834b50820f1003ecd0b470de7444e90fe76e6d01eb2144596f4c9_640_green-lawnAdd Osmo Park and Fairway Lawn Fertiliser to the new seedbed.  A 25kg bag covers 200yd² (175m²).  Rake into the loose soil on top.  It is important to apply Osmo Park and Fairway Lawn Fertiliser to the soil before sowing to avoid scorching of the new grass.

Spread Green Velvet Lawn Seed evenly over the entire seedbed.  Green Velvet Lawn Seed is a hardy dwarf lawn seed, which creates a rich green hardwearing lawn that is easy to trim and maintain. To spread the fertiliser and seed evenly throughout the lawn area, I advise using a Super Spreader for lawns.

Green Velvet Lawn Seed is a quality lawn seed which is easy to maintain. A 25kg bag covers 600yd² (60yds x 10yds) or approx 500m².  A 12.5kg bag covers 300yd² (30yds x 10yds).

Your new lawn should appear within two – four weeks.  Osmo Park and Fairway Lawn Fertiliser will encourage a strong rich green colour and build strength into the new lawn.
Any young weeds that may appear with the germinating grass will be controlled by mowing.

Use a roller on the new grass when it reaches 5cm to 6cm in height.  Mow the young lawn about 6 weeks after germination or when the new grass is approx 5cm high.  Only cut the top grass by keeping the mower blades to a high setting and collect the grass using the grass box.

Do not feed your lawn with granulated lawn fertiliser after it germinates as this can cause scorching and damage to the new soft grass.

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