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Paraic’s Tips For December In Your Garden

1. It’s time to choose the perfect Christmas tree for your home. I always choose the Irish-grown Nordmann Fir Christmas tree. Nordmann Fir is a non-shed Christmas tree with a rich green foliage and a fresh pine scent. The layered branch structure makes it ideal for decorating and the tree looks and smells fantastic, right through the Festive season.

My tip: Cut 2 inches off the base of the tree before placing it into a stand and remember to add fresh water to the stand each week.

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2. The foliage of Boxwood balls and cones can look a little tired and yellow during the winter months. Green them up with a dressing of Topbuxus Health-Mix Treatment. Simply mix the solution with water and apply to the foliage.

3. Now is the time to prune back your fruiting trees. Shorten this year’s growth by 2/3rds, removing any damaged or diseased branches. Next, apply a dressing of Winter Wash to the entire plant to kill any overwintering pests.

4. Remember to look after the birds in your garden this December, while their food is in short supply. High-protein, wild bird nuts are one of the best sources of food for your gardens songbirds.

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5. Plant Beech hedging now. I’d recommend Purple Beech, a beautiful rich purple hedge!

6. Control moss in your lawn with an application of Zero Lawn Liquid Control. Simply add the solution to water and apply to the entire lawn area. Zero will kill lawn moss quickly and effectively. I recommend controlling moss in your lawn now before it becomes a major problem next spring.

Give this video a view to find out how here!

7. Clean out your polytunnel and greenhouse, in preparation for the spring. Clean out old stems and leaves and wash down the glass or polythene. Finally, set off a greenhouse Smoke Fumer to kill off overwintering pests and diseases.

8. Create an outdoor plant arrangement to add some instant colour to your winter garden. Here at Horkans, we have a beautiful range of planted containers to add colour and interest to your garden this Festive season!

As always, feel free to call into any Horkans Garden Centre where our knowledgeable and helpful staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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