Paraic Horkans Tips for your garden in early June

Paraic’s Tips for Garden Pond Care

With the higher temperatures and bright sunshine, mid-summer can be a challenging period for your garden pond. This time of year an algae bloom can be common; this is where your pond water can change from a refreshing blue colour to a stagnant green within days. Here is Paraic’s advice to keep your pond in top condition this summer.

Pond plants – Mid summer is the ideal time to add new plants to your garden pond. Pond plants come in 3 basic types: marginal, oxygenating and deep water pond plants

  • Oxygenating plants, including Elodea and Ranunculus Aquatilis, can be planted towards the centre of the pond and help to add much needed oxygen to the water.
  • Deep water pond plants live in the centre of your pond and send their foliage and flowers to the surface. This helps to provide shade to the surface of the water. Paraic recommends that you should use a wide selection of pond lilies in different colours for a beautiful display.
  • These delicate plants which are not available online but are available in your local Horkans Garden & Lifestyle Centre.

garden pond photoRefresh your Pond Water– this time of year you may need to top up your pond with fresh water. There is a possibility that you are also adding heavy metals and chlorine from the tap water to your pond’s existing water. This can affect the natural balance of your pond. Paraic suggests adding a treatment of Blagdon Fresh Start when topping up your pond or when adding new fish to your garden pond. It is simple to use; simply mix the Blagdon Fresh Start treatment with water and add this mixture to your existing pond water. This protects your pond fish and helps to re-balance your pond water.

Prevent and Remove of Green Algae – the higher temperatures and brighter sunlight in mid-summer makes algae a very common problem in all ponds. These conditions also favour the spread of blanket weed. To help keep your pond water clean and clear, Paraic recommends applying a dressing of Blagdon Extract of Barley Straw for Ponds. This is easy to use: simply mix in water and apply to you garden pond. Where blanket weed has become established, he explains that you should rake out as much of the blanket weeds as possible before applying the treatment.

Care for Pond Fish– now that the water temperature is rising and there are more insects visiting the pond your fish are more active. Also many pond fish will be spawning and rearing young. This time of year is you should still feed your pond fish, but remember to be careful not to over-feed them. Overfeeding increases the nutrient level within the pond and can cause an algae bloom.

pond fish photoParaic explains that you should feed your pond fish, but feed them little but often. Remember you should only feed as much as your fish can finish within a couple of minutes. A few minutes after feeding, if there is food left over, then you should decrease the amount of food. He suggest Tetra Pond Variety Sticks as a food option for your pond fish as it offers a good variety of food types suitable for different varieties of pond fish.


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