Crinodendron April Plant of the Month

Plant of the Month – Chilean Lantern

Paraic’s Plant of the month for April is the beautiful and easy to grow Chilean Lantern or Crinodendron.

Its lantern shaped flowers are produced in autumn and remain on the plant throughout winter and come into full flower in April and May. The rich red colour of the large waxy flowers contrast very effectively against the dark green narrow leaves, producing a stunning show of colour in shrub borders and as a specimen plant in lawns.

Crinodendron Hookerianum can be planted now. Before flowering give it some space to allow it to grow into a magnificent show of colour in your garden. It is also quite happy to grow in a large container. Use ericaceous compost when planting and feed your Crinodendron or Chilean Lantern each spring with Gro Sure Ericaceous fertiliser, simply sprinkle around the root structure at soil level.

This evergreen garden shrub was introduced by Cornishman William Lobb in 1848 from Chile and has made itself at home here in Ireland, favouring our mild temperate climate.Paraic Horkan

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