Paraics Plant of the Month March Hebe

Plant of the Month – Hebe Rhubarb & Custard

Fantastic evergreen foliage, neat compact shape, bright blue flowers in summer and ideal for pots and small shrub borders – whats not to like about  Hebe Rhubarb & Custard! Paraic Horkan
This easy to grow shrub offers both foliage and flower colour and will grow in any garden soil and location.

Hebe Rhubarb & Custard is an all round great garden plant offering colour for twelve months of the year from its attractive foliage this evergreen low growing shrub produces yellow and red foliage that is covered in violet blue flowers all through summer.

Hebe Rhubarb & Custard can be planted with other flowering shrubs. For contrast I recommend you plant Skimmia Rubella, Campanula Porto and Choisya Sundance for complementary colour.

Hebe Rhubarb & Custard

Hebe Rhubarb & Custard

Hebe Rhubarb & Custard forms a low growing dense mat of creeping and upright stems and is suitable for planting on slopes, banks and mixed shrub beds. Its also ideal for planting in patio pots and planters as a centre piece to add year round colour.

When planting Hebe Rhubarb & Custard plant in groups of threes or fives to form a clustered effect which will reward you with a strong bold show of colour. Add some Growise Compost and a handful of Osmo fertiliser to the planting hole when planting to ensure strong root development and new growth this Summer.

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