Plant of the Month – Helleborus Winter Bells

Helleborus Winter Bells are a beautiful perennial garden plant that continues to flower from early Autumn right through until late Spring. This is another hybrid and uses H. niger and H. foetidus. This is  something most people would never have thought of trying, but a Dutch nurseryman, Kees Sahin, not only tried, but succeeded in crossing both plants to produce this outstanding variety of Helleborus called Winter Bells.

Helleborus Winter Bells

Helleborus Winter Bells

It is famed for its incredibly long flowering period – often from early winter to spring. It is pretty too, with nodding pink-flushed green flowers that top slender stems. The evergreen foliage is a solid deep green colour all year round.

Plant Winter Bells in flower and shrub borders to add a much needed splash of colour over the winter months. Helleborus Winter Bells are ideal for planting in groups of five or seven to create a strong bold effect, lovely in heather beds, mixed shrub borders and can be grown in patio pots outdoors.

Under plant with some spring flowering bulbs including Snowdrops, Bluebells, Fritillaries and Crocus for additional colour in early spring.

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