Plant of the month January

Plant of the Month – Primulas

primrose photoEveryone knows the beautiful spring flowering Primulas – those brightly coloured primroses that cheer us up every spring. Primula flower reliably from early January to mid May and are ideal for adding instant colour to patio pots, planters and flower borders.

Primulas look best when planted in groups of mixed colours, but feel free to add some dwarf daffodils or dwarf tulips to add some additional colour, shape and variety to your planted arrangement.

Planted in a pot, you can put your primulas on a garden table or a window sill where they are closer to your eyes and are easier to admire and enjoy.

However one plant will not be enough, but that is easily remedied since the rosettes can be divided up after flowering and potted individually. Grow them in small pots of the compost mixture through the summer in a spot where there is dappled shade rather than scorching sun and by the spring you will have good-sized plants that will bloom again.

Primulas are the sort of plant that will bring out the collecting instinct in you and they make great gifts for gardening friends who will be flattered to be given one – pot and all!

January is the perfect time to add that welcome splash of colour in your garden and primulas are the perfect option – they really are addictive!

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