Plant of the Month – Scented Lavender


Our plant of the month for May is the beautiful Scented Lavender.

With attractive silvery foliage topped with steel blue flowers and a fabulous fragrance, what’s not to like about Scented Lavender. It still remains one of the easiest plants to grow and flowers from early May right through to late Autumn.

Scented Lavender is a very versatile plant and can be used as a low formal flowering hedge, planted in tubs and patio planters for scent or planted to add colour and fragrance to shrub borders and rose gardens.

Native to the Mediterranean, Scented Lavander was used by both the Romans and Egyptians when washing or bathing. The word Lavender derives from the Latin word Lavare meaning to wash.

This versatile plant can also used to help people sleep at night-time – simply pick some fresh lavender stems and flowers and place inside your pillow and you’ll sleep like a baby.

Scented Lavender planted now will provide you with colour and interest until late Autumn. Place the plant in a bright sunny location out of doors in free draining soil. My tip is to add a bucket of pea gravel or sharp sand to your existing soil before planting, thus re-creating the soil conditions in the Mediterranean.

Honey bees also love Lavender and find it a wonderful source of summer nectar and pollen. Because of the long flowering period your garden honey bees will visit the flowers all summer long and produce a wonderful scented honey.

This is the ideal time to plant Lavender in your garden. Plant in groups of three or five for a strong bold ball of steel blue flower spikes that gently wave in the wind.

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