Plant of the Month – Snowy Mespilus

Snow in spring or Snowy Mespilus best describes one of the most stunning Spring flowering trees which is so easy to grow yet so colourful. The perfect tree for any garden.

Amelanchier Lamarckii is a very beautiful, small, North American tree that is attractive in all seasons, but especially in spring as the entire tree is covered in brilliant white flowers. It looks fantastic even in winter when its spreading crown of fine shoots makes a satisfying, dense, shrubby shape. In March the branches erupt with a froth of star-shaped flowers in lax conical heads, just as the coppery pink young leaves unfold – in summer these are yellowish green, but later turn scarlet and crimson. In July the tree is studded with dark red berries which become purple-black as they ripen and in autumn the green foliage turns a brilliant autumnal colour. The Royal Horticultural Society has given it the Award of Garden Merit (AGM). February is an ideal time to plant Amelanchier Lamarckii in your garden.

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