The Cutting Globe

Propagate Plants for Free with The Cutting Globe

Ever wondered how garden experts propagate new plants? Many use a device called The Cutting Globe. It is a special reusable plant propagator, which works by stimulating your plant’s stem into producing new roots. The Cutting Globe can be used to propagate a wide variety of garden and household plants time and time again. This easy to use reusable plant propagating device is ideal to encourage plants to produce new off spring through a propagation method called air layering.

The Cutting Globe

The Cutting Globe

What is “The Cutting Globe”?
This special device is simply attached to the stem of your favourite garden plant and the unique environment, created by The Cutting Globe, encourages the plant stem to send out new roots which creates a new plant. The Cutting Globe can be used on all plants, including plants that are difficult to root such as camellias, rhododendrons, azaleas, house plants, fruit, hedging and garden trees.

What plants are suitable?
A wide range of popular garden plants can be successfully rooted using The Cutting Globe including Hydrangeas, Spiraes, Buddelia, Hebes, Camellias, Rhododendrons, Spotted laurels, Viburnum, to name a few.

Paraic has used The Cutting Globe to successfully root ornamental trees, houseplants, fruiting plants, climbers and herbaceous cottage garden plants. This air layering method of propagation suits a wide variety of garden plants.

Also you can attach several cutting globes onto the same plant to get several cuttings at the same time.

How to use:
The Cutting Globe is easy to use on all plants, simply:

The Cutting Globe

Grow Plants for Free

  1. Mark and cut the stem of your chosen plant to remove 1 inch of bark and the green layer underneath the bark. Remover this sliver of bark completely from around the stem.
  2. Dap some rooting powder onto the cut stem.
  3. Fill your cutting globe with moist seed and cutting compost and attach the globe to the cut surface. Press the globe shut.
  4. Leave the cutting globe attached to your plant for six to ten weeks OR until such time as you see the new roots appearing into the globe.
  5. Once rooted simply cut the rooted stem from the mother plant and pot up or plant directly into the garden soil.
The Cutting Globe allows you to propagate plants on an existing plant’s stem – it really is that simple!Paraic Horkan

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