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Protect Your Plants From Garden Pests

Summer is a great time of year in the garden. The warm sunny days encourage great growth and beautiful flower. This is also a great time of year for garden insects and pests.  During the warm sunny days, pests like Green and Black Flies are multiplying at an alarming rate. These pests attack the young new growth on many garden flowers, shrubs and vegetable plants.

The Green and Black Fly are commonly called Aphids. They damage your plants by sucking the protein out of the young growth. This causes the young plant stems to become distorted and stunted. Certain plants are more susceptible and prone to severe damage, such as roses, lupins, boxwood, beech, fuchsia, and many bedding plants.

Aphids can also suck the sap out of larger trees. This leaves a sticky substance to spread over the foliage causing a black fungus which covers and discolours the foliage.

Mid summer is a great time to help protect your garden plants from such attacks. Paraic explains that prevention is a better option rather than trying to fix the problem later. He recommends that you apply a regular spray of PY Spray to protect your garden plants. PY Spray contains naturally occurring pyrethrum, a naturally occurring insecticide from the chrysanthemum flower.

For the effective results Paraic recommends an application every two weeks to your garden flowers and vegetables. It is best to apply the PY Spray in the evening time, with a light application on the top and underside of the plants foliage. This will stop both Aphids and caterpillars from affecting your plants.

slug pellets photoGarden slugs and snails are also a problem this time of year. They attack many garden plants, especially the new growth. Both slugs and snails are mainly nocturnal, preferring to come out after dark to feed on your plants. During the summer months, they are especially damaging on vegetable and herb plants. Similar to Aphids, prevention is better than cure when it comes to slug and snails.

Paraic recommends the regular use of Slug Clear liquid on non-edible plants, including shrubs, hostas, bedding plants and cottage garden plants. This provides excellent control of both slugs and snails and should be applied on the foliage and surrounding soil. Once Slug Clear is applied it becomes invisible to children, garden birds and pets so it is great in family gardens.

snails photoFor edible plants he recommends using organic slug pellets from Neurdoff. This effective treatment can be used for vegetable, herb and fruiting plants and is simple to use.

Also Neurdoff Organic Slug and Snail Pellets controls slugs and snails, while remaining harmless to garden birds and pets. Remember when using any garden treatments please ensure you read and follow the instructions carefully. Also you can ask our trained garden centre staff members.


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