Questions about Lawns

How do I kill lawn moss it’s growing in all areas of my lawn?

The best treatment I have found is an application of OSMO Moss remover applied anytime from March to September will help to kill off your lawn moss problem and feed your lawn without forcing growth. OSMO Moss remover is easy to apply and takes about three weeks to kill the moss. The moss will wither and die without turning black.


grass photoWhen is the right time to sow a new lawn?

In Ireland with its milder and moist climate ensures that lawns can be sown in general from March to early October. Prepare the soil well by removing all existing weed growth; I would treat the entire area to a spray of weed free 360 to kill off all unwanted weed growth. Till the soil and apply a dressing of OSMO parkway preseeding lawn fertiliser before sowing a good mix of hard wearing lawn seed. Green velvet is an excellent lawn seed mix for general lawn areas.


daisy photo How do I get rid of dandelions and daisies in my lawn they are  covering the lawn?

Apply a dressing of Hygeia dandelion and daisy lawn weed killer, apply  through a  watering can or sprayer. For best results apply the treatment  when the weeds have  lots of new growth and do not cut the lawn for three  days after treatment. Follow  up by applying OSMO Parkway lawn fertiliser  to the entire lawn area.

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